I offer lectures on issues regarding social work. They can be part of scholarly conferences and meetings or they are placed in the context of „impulse days“ and team building events for institutions of both private and public social and health service.
  1. Lecture (as presentation): The lecture will take approx. 45-60 minutes and focuses on a desired topic, which can be discussed afterwards.
  2. Impulse lecture in the context of further education: The topic, which will be presented in approx. 30 minutes, will be introduced as foundation and basic knowledge and will be applied in practice more in-depth in subsequent workshops.
My focus is on my research and areas of expertise:
  • Social space oriented social work
    • The Social Space Orientation Concept (SRO)
    • Community development – method, working principle or field of action?
    • Will orientation in the specialist concept social space orientation / freedom of will of the philosophical tradition
    • Non-directive pedagogy
    • Social space orientation as a driving force for the professional ethical principle of self-determination
    • etc.
  • Social work and school
    • School as an informal place of education
    • Social work as an educational project
    • Participation and democracy in schools
    • Resource-oriented work in schools
    • What is professional social work in the school context?
    • etc.