In the context of team events (Professional Development Days), I offer training courses on your premises as in-house events. These courses are aimed at all private and public agencies of child and youth welfare service, as well as all other organisations, groups and associations in the social and health sector. In particular, my further education offers are aimed at those who are active in the field of social work and schools. The schedule (one or several days) as well as the contents with the respective focal points and links to the goals of your institution can be coordinated individually and may also be supplemented with introductory lectures or with further concept support. The focus is on the following topics:
  • Social space oriented social work
    • Principles, history and theoretical references of social space orientation and community development
    • The 5 principles of social space orientation
    • The will concept of social space orientation
    • Non-directive pedagogy
    • Activating and resource-oriented methods and techniques
    • etc.
  • Social work and school
    • Cooperation youth welfare school (school social work, all-day care)
    • Extracurricular forms of education
    • Social Space Orientation as a Concept for Social Work in Schools
    • Activating and resource-oriented methods and techniques in working with students
    • Activating parental work
    • Successful participation of students
    • etc.