Concept support

I have several years of experience in the development and establishment of pedagogical and school social work concepts.
I offer support and guidance for private and public agencies of child and youth welfare service which collaborate with schools and want to revise or further develop existing concepts and establish new ones. My main focus here is on the well-founded and sustainable grounding of the concept of social space orientation.

Especially in fields of action in which social work cooperates with schools (e.g. school social work and all-day care), it is necessary to present a clear conceptual profile. It is not uncommon for schools to instruct social workers to get students back into the classroom, rather than embracing the actual independent pedagogical task of social work.

Social work has its own resource-oriented, non-directive profile, which must be represented self-confidently. Its emancipatory and self-determined potentials can be made conceptually tangible through the establishment of social space orientation.
I look forward to accompanying you and your team in the establishment or further development of an emancipatory concept. This process can be initiated with a specialist lecture or further training days on central issues of your choice.